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Pro Artist; hyper-photo-realism

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kojo pee pencil
kojo pee pencil

Meet Kojo Pee Pencil

Abdulai Aziz well known as Kojo Pee Pencil, was born and nurtured in Asankrangwa, Western region – Ghana.

Inspired and touched by almost everything in my surroundings, Aziz found strong love to capture and communicate his emotion through pencil drawings. He said “I find pencil to be a humble instrument and it takes only a good keeper to describe it’s technical value”. His technique developed so fast as he migrated from still live drawing to photo-realism, where every photo pixel was taken into consideration.

Aziz may be known for his realistic photo drawing, but his photography skill anchored with a great designing and photo manipulation skill makes him a complete artist. Abdulai Aziz will soon dive into surrealism pencil drawing to help him express more of his inner thoughts to his audience. Aziz aspires to be one of the world’s renowned pencil artist in the very near future.